Python Game : Dice Roller

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Python Game : Dice Roller

In this python game you will go toe to toe with the computer in a dice roller game. The highest number rolled wins. First you’re asked if you’d like to roll the dice. Then the dice is rolled and a winner is determined. Lastly the user is asked if they’d like to play again.

Here’s an example of the game in action.

python game dice example

The Code

Download this Python Game on github.


How It Works

The script is broken into three functions. I’ll explain how each one works.


First the user is asked if they’d like to roll the dice. If Y or y is entered, then the program calls the results() function. Anything else entered simply closes the game.


In the results function there are 4 dice. The computer receives dice 1 and 2. You receive dice 3 and 4. Each dice choose a random integer between 1-6 and add up the totals in the ai_roll and human_roll variables. If your roll is higher, then you win the game. If the computers roll and your roll are the same, then the game ends in a tie. Lastly if the computer rolls is higher than yours, then you lose the game. After all those options the restart() function is called.


The restart function asks the user if they’d like to play again. If y is entered, then the results() function is called again and the game starts all over. Else, the game ends.

Thanks for reading and once again feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions or questions.

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