Python For Beginners – Practice Functions

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Python For Beginners – Learn how functions work the fun way with this Top Secret Password Reader

For those that are struggling with understanding how functions are called or work within python, then this script is for you. Some people are lucky enough to learn coding by just reading a book or watching a video. If you’re like me, it’s easier to grasp new concepts or ideas a lot faster with examples and hands-on experience.

A function is a block of code that runs only when it is called. You can pass data(parameters), into a function. A function can return data back as a result. A function in python is defined using the def keyword.

Example(Creating a Function):

def test_function():
  print("Hello there")

Then to call the function created, type out the function name with the parenthesis.

Example(Calling the Function):

def test_function():
  print("Hello there")



The Top Secret Password Reader is a small python script that takes a users input, matches it with a text file, and either grants access or denies it. It does all of that within two functions. It might sound complicated, but it is very simple. Take a look below.


The Code

Download this Python script on Github.


How It Works

The script is broken up into two functions. There is the primary() function and the top_secret() function. This is essential how they work.


Notice the userInput inside the parenthesis, It is a parameter that will be passed inside this function.

Example(Passing a Parameter):

def name(name):

#Output: Joe

First line in this function is the passwordFile variable. This variable opens a txt file where our secret password is stored. The password in this example is password.

Next is the secretPassword variable. This variable reads the contents of the txt file using the read() method.

Now this is where the fun begins. We use an If Else statement to match the userInput and the contents in secretPassword. If the values match, you will receive a message “You’re In” and it will call the top_secret() function. By call I mean it will run the contents inside our top_secret() function. If the password does not match, then the program tells you “Access Denied”.


This function is simple. It just prints out “Classified Insider Trading Information“.

In the last line, it asks for for the password with the input method and whatever we type will be passed into the main function.

Here is a flow chart on how it all works.

Python beginners

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or a function you were able to create.

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