Magic 8 Ball Script written in Python

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Tell your fortune with your own Magic 8 Ball

Do you have important questions that need answering, but have no friends and your family hates you? Life can be tough, but lucky for you, you’re a programmer. You can code your own damn friends and even answers too! With this magic 8 ball script written in python, you will be able to ask any question you’d like and receive a prompt response.


The Code

Download this python script on Github.


How It Works

Ok so first we import the random module to help us choose a different answer each time the script is ran.

In the magic8Ball() function, we are asked to type in a question and we store it into the variable x. Next in answerList, we store all the magic 8 ball responses in an array format. An array is a special variable where you can hold more than one value at a time.

Then we created the randomAnswer variable which just chooses a random value from the answerList array. Feel free to change the responses as you’d like, to get a more desirable answer to your question.

Next we enter a if else statement. If you do not ask a question, the program will let you know and it will exit. If you did ask a question, you will receive a response and then given the option to ask another question with the askAgain() function.

The askAgain() function simply ask if you’d like to ask another question. If you say yes, then the magic8Ball() function is called again and you start all over, else the program exits.

Lets run it now and see what we get.

magic 8 ball python

And just like that my dreams are crushed. Thanks for reading and once again feel free to leave a comment below with any suggestions or questions.

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