Powershell Tutorial – Get a list of all users from an OU

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Powershell Tutorial | How to grab all users in a specific Organizational Unit

Heres a simple powershell tutorial to help you through your systems administration journey. If you ever need to find user information within a specific OU, feel free to use this script below.

The Code

Download this powershell script on github


Breaking it down

This one is pretty simple. First I specified with OU I wanted to run my search in and stored it in the $OU variable.

Then we ran Get-ADUser, set the filter to * to grab all the users in the OU, set the search base to our $OU and then selected the name and username.

If we wanted to, we could’ve stored the results in a csv or text file. Feel free to modify or change this script as you see fit. These were our results below from our test environment.

powershell script


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