Powershell Rest API Default Template

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Powershell Rest API Default Template

Recently while working a contract for a state government position, I was tasked with finding areas within a specific department where automation can reduce repetition of redundant tasks. Many help desk technicians were creating the same exact help ticket over and over again. In turn I created a simple powershell script that hooked into the ticketing softwares API and automatically opened and closed a support request. Here is an example of the script below.

The code

$url = "http://yourwebsitehere.com”

$api = “API Key Here“

$method = "POST"

$operation = "GET_REQUESTS"

$inputdata = @"


    “Pass Json info here”



$params = @{INPUT_DATA=$inputdata;OPERATION_NAME=$operation;TECHNICIAN_KEY=$api;format='json'}

$result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Method $method -Body $params


Impact of the script

I was able to add this script into a prebuilt GUI and made it run off of a click of a button. The help desk techs went from spending 1-2 minutes creating the same ticket 10-15 daily to 2-3 seconds on clicking a button instead. There were a total of 8 techs in the department, so the script was able to save between 7-15 repetitive hours a week combined. Its great to see how something so subtle can cause a huge impact.


Interested in learning powershell?

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