Services Offered

  • Website Creation

    Need a website? We create fully SEO optimized websites with a focus on performance, security, and content. View our portfolio below for previous work.

  • Computer Services

    Having issues with your Apple or Windows computer? We can solve a wide variety of software and hardware issues. Every problem has a solution.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Need a cloud solution for backups or anything specific? We can find the right solution for you.

  • Managed Services

    Whether its migrating to Office 365 or setting up a manage anti-virus service, we can ease the setup of any new service introduced into the workplace.

My Portfolio

Here are some of the websites I've created for clients

About Me

About Me

Hello there,

My name is Elvis and I have over 7 + years working professionally as an IT consultant in many different sectors. My main focus is in Systems administration, Security and Automation. I also have been creating and managing websites for small to medium sized businesses for many years. I am easy to work with, honest, and take pride in my customer service skills. I look forward to work with you.

Recent Tech News

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    Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn How To Create Bulk AD Accounts In Powershell using a csv file Creating active directory accounts can be redundant, time consuming, and usually requires our full attention to avoid making mistakes. Now you be able to accurately create bulk AD accounts by filling out a csv file and running the script. You will save […]

  • Python Game : Dice Roller

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Python Game : Dice Roller In this python game you will go toe to toe with the computer in a dice roller game. The highest number rolled wins. First you’re asked if you’d like to roll the dice. Then the dice is rolled and a winner is determined. Lastly the user is asked if they’d […]

  • Getting Google Maps Address with Python

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Getting Google Maps Address with Python Here is another small script using the webbrowser module and the sys module. It will take an inputted address and search it directly on google maps. The webbrowser module comes with python and it’s used to open your default web browser to a specified page. The sys provides access to […]

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